Why did you start making yogurt?

Our love for making the best organic yogurt started with our love for homemade style yogurt. We had access to a batch pasteurizer owned by Pitango Gelato. Pitango leases a facility here on the farm where they make their gelato. We were permitted to make small batches using their equipment. At first we made it just for ourselves and friends--but we found that more and more people wanted earthy, minimally processed artisanal yogurt: simple and pure with no thickeners, preservatives, or coloring. We began to supply yogurt for the happy customers at The Family Cow, and our business continues to grow.

We see making this 100% grass-fed yogurt as a service to our friends and community. Our goal is to produce yogurt we will gladly feed to our own families that is free of all preservatives, sugar, and as basic and near to being raw as possible. Making and distributing this yogurt is also a way for SpringWood to remain profitable in a time of escalating production costs and changing organic commodity milk demand.