Our pastured layers in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!

Pastured Layers at SpringWood Organic Farm, non-GMO and soy-free eggs

Thought the message to our email list was worth posting here.


Hey everybody! 


We thought it worth broadcasting a little that a group of our non-GMO layers on pasture are featured in a nice two-page spread of the newest issue (May 2013) of the National Geographic. It was so long ago (a year or two) that the photographer was here that we nearly forgot about it. Nice surprise when this issue arrived today and someone spotted this picture when looking through it! You can view the picture online by clicking here or looking below. It is in article about "The Curse of Fertilizer" or something of that nature and how so much fertilizer used in our modern times affects the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The caption gives the idea that our chickens are for fertilizer. While they may help a little there's not enough of them to make a difference that we can measure. But the eggs they produce are unbeatable!


Our egg discount last week did greatly help our current egg glut. Our inventory is now much smaller and newer. But we are still looking for more wholesale outlets for our eggs. We did pick up one a month ago in Delaware after asking for you all to spread the word around. Thanks to whoever did that for us! Word of mouth and the recommendation of loyal customers is the best advertising we could ask for and it is much appreciated! 


The picture in the NG is pretty and romances the consumer but whether it pays is the question. A romantic food supply is not much good if its not profitable. Hence the need to sell our eggs at a level that we can make a return. This means discounts like we gave last week need to very rare. We are hoping we aren't forced to do it again soon. If so the picturesque scene below is doomed for extinction on our farm. Thanks for your support in helping our farm to be successful!