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We, the Stoltzfoos Family at Spring Wood Farm, work hard to offer you 100% grass-fed, organic dairy products. With the first bite of our creamy yogurt, you can taste the wholesome tartness that comes from simple, pure ingredients.

Our goal is to nourish you with living flavor from nutrient-dense food that we are happy to feed our families. From the beginning, Spring Wood Farm’s vision was to respect the land and water resources to create fresh, organic dairy products. We are pleased to offer you our 100% grass-fed cream top yogurt.

Spring Wood Farm, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the Amish country home to the 5th generation of Stoltzfoos farmers. Spring Wood is the sole source of milk for creating this yogurt. A farmer’s loving touch, sunshine, living soil, lush grass, and healthy cows is the difference you taste in every spoonful.

Other Ideas for Organic Yogurt:

  • Sweeten with Kal powdered stevia, maple syrup. honey or agave nectar. Then add flavorings like lemon, vanilla or cinnamon.
  • Top yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit, granola or granola bars (chunked up into small pieces).
  • Make a yogurt parfait, layering fresh fruit and yogurt and topping with granola.
  • Throw yogurt in the blender with frozen fruit and sweetener for a cool healthy treat. Leftovers can be frozen in popsicle molds for kids to enjoy.
  • Flavor and sweeten yogurt, then churn in an ice cream freezer for frozen yogurt.
  • Creamy Top Organic Yogurt can be used to make your own cream cheese. Stir 1 tsp. salt into 1 qt. yogurt and let drain in cheescloth overnight in the fridge. Enjoy your yummy cream cheese ithe next morning.

Organic Yogurt FAQs

Unfortunately we do not. We still love yogurt and make a little for our own use but have discontinued making yogurt for distribution and sale. It was the lowest margin item we had and took the most time and energy and so we discontinued it some ago already. We apologize for this unavailability and are disappointed ourselves as we believe in really good yogurt from milk with the qualities ours has!