Organic Yogurt

Is your yogurt raw?

Raw yogurt is kind of an anomaly:  To establish a high amount of yogurt culture you need to kill all or most of what is in the milk originally or it will not culture well. 

The second reason: It would not be yogurt then, but a kefir instead.

Third reason: raw yogurt is not allowed as a legal dairy product. Only two dairy products are allowed In PA in the raw form and those are milk, and cheese that has been aged for 60 days.

Why is your yogurt tart?

With the first bite of our creamy yogurt, you can taste the wholesome goodness that comes from simple, pure milk. It delivers a stronger, tangier taste. Our yogurt develops richer flavor because of the culturing process and choice of exact culture. What you are tasting is the result of sunshine, living soil, lush grass, and healthy cows.  

Are you Kosher?

Not any more. Our yogurt used to be Kosher but since production was moved in early 2016 from the larger Natural By Nature plant to a small Amish owned/operated plant in Lancaster we have not been Kosher. The new yogurt plant has not yet seen it necessary to spend the money to be coming Kosher certified.

But nothing has changed as to our ingredients and the individual ingredients are all Kosher certified. Only the manufacturing plant is not Kosher.