Yogurt Update!

100% grass-fed Organic Cream Top Yogurt

100 % Grass-fed Organic Yogurt Update


Thanks to our many yogurt customers for your patience with us the last 6 months! Starting the yogurt making in a new plant with personnel who had no yogurt making experience proved to be no small feat!  We gave away lots of runny yogurt and even the pigs were treated a few times! They are reliably happy customers!


After making numerous batches, we now feel very confident that we have learned how to make good yogurt. This does not mean that we won’t make mistakes in the future or have 100% consistent yogurt all the time. Because our yogurt is made with milk from our herd only, the milk solids (butterfat, protein, etc) vary throughout the year as described in our yogurt FAQ. We are expecting a bit more of a challenge during the summer in getting our yogurt to have the nice set that is easy to achieve when milk solids are high. But we have enough tools and experience that we believe we can make yogurt all year long that our customers can enjoy. One of our slogans is “NO MORE RUNNY YOGURT!”


We hope that any former customers who had some of this less-than-desirable yogurt this summer will be willing to give us another try. Please consider trying our yogurt again and actually see and taste that our yogurt is now like it is suppose to be. We are confident you won’t be disappointed! This time of the year it is especially good, with a nearly ¼” of nice cream-cheese like cream top on it. When I open a quart of yogurt right now I have to exercise restraint to keep myself from taking all of this delicious sweetness and leaving none for my family. But no one wants to miss out, and I really wouldn’t want them to!


We’re also excited to say that by this winter sometime we plan to roll out our signature Plain yogurt in 6 oz cups, as well as introduce a Vanilla flavored line. Join our mailing list and follow our Facebook page to be updated on these new introductions!


Best of health to you!

Dwight Stoltzfoos