Yogurt Questions Answered


One of our yogurt customers recently asked the two following questions:

1. "I have to ask, is the milk in your yogurt raw and unpasteurized? I prefer this, but understand if you cannot."

Good question and glad you asked! Good Yogurt defined is… coupling the enzymatic and probiotic components of both fresh milk and fermentation in one glorious, creamy, lovely food. Regulations would not allow us to make raw yogurt for you but according to my understanding, I submit the following.

To establish the high amount of friendly bacteria that you find in a good yogurt you need to kill the bacteria that is already present. This naturally occuring bacteria would fight the inoculation bacteria as a foreign invader and does not allow as much growth to take place. The probiotic bacteria we inoculate with is the same strains of that which is naturally found in raw milk, but is present in higher amounts. This high amount of gut friendly probiotic organisms in our yogurt allows you to assimilate the calcium and other important nutrients, making it a very easy to digest and healthy addition to your diet.

2. "Is the milk in the yogurt from cows producing Beta A2 casein such as Jerseys and Guernsey’s?"

A1 and A2 genetics:

The last several years as we became aware of A1/A2 Genetics and the need to move toward that we have been choosing the A2 whenever it is an option.  We are about healthy food, and giving you the best choice possible. We have not tested our herd as that is very expensive but are incorporating the old fashioned genetics to get this good A2 protein more prominent in our herd. Like about everything in nature, man has a way of really messing it up if given the opportunity. High production agriculture is very good at this (messing up) and is why we stepped off of that bandwagon many years ago. 

No GMOs, no chemicals, and respect for our good Creator’s careful design are important to our mission of providing the healthiest food possible for you.  Management and stewardship, not manipulation, is our goal!