What is truly grass-fed milk?

Organic nanny/calf herd at SpringWood Organic Farm



Spring time at Spring Wood Farm


We are over the hump! Most of the cows have dropped their calves. The 55 calves we are keeping for herd replacements are out on the fresh grass with their nannies learning the herd mentality and enjoying the freedom of open spaces. They are in grass school and learning from “mamma” just exactly how to graze grass and be patient with the famer as he moves fence and brings supplemental sprouts mixed with straw to mitigate the rich and potent green grass. This is where it all starts for tomorrow’s dairy cows. We love springtime, especially after a more trying winter with feed shortages and wintertime wetness that causes damaged pastures except under careful management. Springtime cannot come too soon! The spring grass always perks up the quality and quantity of the milk we produce. We intentionally schedule a good share of our cows to drop calves 30-60 days ahead of the peak lush grass to make the most of the pasture’s determination to grow fast and nutritiously during May and early June.


Have you had your glass of raw spring gold yet?