Of Food and Fodder

Hydroponic Barley Fodder


Have you ever been in a situation where something very tantalizing was right in front of you but just out of reach - either in dream or reality?

Well, that has been our feeling around here for some time. It feels like we are actually drawing nearer to the tantalizing object but still not quite. We have dreamed for some time of being able to feed green nutritions fodder (sprouts) to our cattle and poultry. We have been pumped full of knowledge how the nutritious benefits they will receive will change our farm products for the better. The truth is that we are finally feeding this coveted fodder. Some results are being seen and tasted - mostly good results. Growing nice, mold-free, and consistant fodder has been the larger challenge and so our animals have had a slightly bump ride as we learn how to do this. 

We will be sharing some on our experiences with growing fodder at the upcoming PASA annual conference in State College next week. Maybe we will see you there and you can hear our experience first hand.

A Fodder Farmer,