Fall 2015 100% grass-fed Beef sale description

The following info is current as of October 2015 and gives a descent overview of the quantities, prices, and options of a 100% grass-fed beef purchase from SpringWood Organic Farm. We only sell beef amounts of a quarter, half, or whole animal. This is to keep it simple for us and to allow a wholesale saving for the customer. It also means we are not required to use a USDA inspected abattoir which also passes savings to the customer.

Our slaughter cows, bulls and heifers vary in size but often the dress out between 340-500 lbs hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after limbs, entrails, hide, and etc are removed. The following figures are based a whole cow but you can divide by 1/2 or 1/4th if that's the size you are interested in. For easy figuring we’ll go with 500 pound hanging weight X $2.75/lb. = $1375. Butchering fees vary depending on cut selection and etc but will often be between $225 and $300. So figuring $250 comes to a total of $1625 for a whole beef. The final pounds of edible beef is usually 65-78% of hanging weight. Loss is made up of bone and shrinkage. So if the hanging weight is 500 pounds the take home beef would be around 300-375 pounds.

I'll sum it up like this. Remember this is all based on estimations and averages
Beef selection - Total cost including butchering - freezer pounds
Whole beef - $1625 - 350
Half beef - $812 - 175
Quarter beef - $406 - 88
I'm thinking a banana box usually holds about 60-70 lbs of ground beef/hamburger so that may help you visualize how much space will be needed in your freezer. Remember - many of our cows average less than the 500 number I started with in the above calculations!

The butcherer comes to our farm on the slaughter date and does it right here in the cows familiar environment. He takes the carcass back to his shop where (at least in winter) it is left to hang (age) for a week or so before being cut up and frozen. Within a day or two of slaughter I will notify you that you need to call Ebersoles and discuss your cut selections with them. They are used to working with people who do not know the different options. Feel free to ask them questions. You will be billed for the butchering/processing on your share directly by them. We normally recommend avoiding more than the best cut or two for steak. Hamburger and roasts are your most reliably tender and good quality. Remember, these are dairy animals that do not have the genetics and marbling tendencies that true beef cows have. But the price is accordingly lower and the carcasses are usually less volume/weight than a true beef cow. Some of our customers opt to take the risk and get multiple steaks anyway. That is fine with us we just don’t wish to have folks upset at us if they’re disappointed with the steak tenderness.

Organs from each animal are available upon request. That would include heart, liver, oxtail, tongue, sweetbread, and brains. We do need to charge extra for brains as they're hard to extract. These are available on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested join our mailing list (http://www.springwoodfarm.com/join-mailing-list) to receive the occasional updates on availability or contact us (http://www.springwoodfarm.com/contact-springwood-organic-farm) to be placed on the waiting list for the next slaughter.