Behind The Barn

Fodder shed construction at SpringWood Organic Farm


Behind the Barn


There is a buzz of activity out behind the barn. We are gearing up to supply our cows with green, nutrient rich food year around! This is something we dreamed about for years and is now projected to be a reality in just a few weeks. We have been planning and building for the last 6 months, with a summer break while we waited on the engineering of some labor-saving automations. Our's is the first FodderTech sprouting system to include automations of this sort.


We are excited to share what we believe is a great financial investment for us (it is definitely a big capital investment!) as well as an investment in our future health and of those who buy our farm products. In talking to farmers who are already doing this and in seeing research on sprouting, we see positive principals at work: 1. We can take one pound of grain (barley or other small grain) and turn it into approximately seven pounds of tasty nutritious feed that cows and other animals go bonkers over. Numerous of the nutrient values in sprouts are increased 15-20 times (not 15-20%) over that of unsprouted grain. This is huge! 2. Nutrients coming in through a plant are much more available to animals than what we get in the form of special mineral mixes. This should excite you as well because the nutrients you get from your food purchases here at our farm will likely be better (higher quantities and availability) than what you get from the supplemental vitamins you are taking, even though they do have their place. 3. We expect healthier cows and better tasting milk as well as increased good fats and proteins.


Feeding fodder (Australian term for sprouts) is rare on US farms but is catching on fast as the price of all feed is very high. Currently corn (which we do not feed to our cows) is $18.00 a bushel and barley $14.00. The hand writing is on the wall for dairymen.  No need for an interpreter. Hard times are on us until prices for products sold off the farm increase to comfort levels. This is one of the main motivators behind the movement to fodder systems "sprouting" up across the country side. It is plain, simple economics. So from behind the barn we plan to produce a large percentage of our winter feed supply and provide the feed needed to supplement the grass in the normal ups and downs of grazing. Stay tuned as we learn about this exciting new venture. Taste and experience the difference as we keep spring quality grass in our cows year around!