Why is it better to have a cow 100% grass-fed instead of feeding her a mixed ration of grain-based feed?

Simply put, cows were meant to eat grass -- not grain or corn. Their stomachs are not built for the quick carbohydrates of grain or corn. They were designed to eat the fibrous grass and plants out in the pastures. When they enjoy the rich, fibered grass they are healthier and happier cows. And healthy, happy cows produce the best, healthiest milk around. Grass-fed milk is packed with healthy fats like Omega 3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Grassfed milk also is laden with more nutrients like beta carotene and vitamins A and E than milk produced using conventional feeds. Drinking grass-fed milk boosts your immune system and is a healthier choice for your body.

Not only is being grass-fed good for the cows and their milk, it is also good for the land and environment. Managed grazing requires less fossil fuels. During the growing season the cows’ daily feed does not have to be grown, stored and then shipped to the farm. The cows’ food is already there, grown by nature and waiting in the pasture. Growing corn and grain specifically for cows wastes huge amounts of non-renewable resources.