What is SpringWood Farm's history?

SpringWood Organic Farm in Lancaster County has been the home to four generations of Stoltzfoos farmers. They have worked hard for many years to provide the community with fresh, nutrient-dense and minimally processed dairy products. The Stoltzfoos family loves their beautiful spot in eastern Lancaster County and is pleased to bring nourishment from the land and the animals to the people who enjoy the fruits of their labors.

  • It was originally part of an 800 acre tract of land privately owned by William Penn.
  • 1941 Aaron Stoltzfoos purchased the farm and moved his son Samuel and his wife and family onto the dairy farm. Samuel was very interested in conservation like making sure soil and water were protected.
  • Late 1980s Roman Stoltzfoos, grandson of Aaron, began the slow transition away from conventional farming methods to an organic, grass-based farming approach.
  • Early 1990s  Management intensive grazing was utilized fully.
  • 1995 The entire farm transitioned to certified organic management. SpringWood became one of the first four farms to produce organic milk for Natural by Nature.
  • In 1996 Roman and Lucy purchased the farm from Roman’s parents and preserved it with Lancaster Farmland Trust, giving the easement to the county, protecting it from being developed into housing or other uses.
  • Fall 2012 completed a slow transition to no grain by quitting any supplemental grain altogether.
  • Fall 2014 Roman and Lucy moved into newly constructed house on another part of the farm thus allowing son Dwight and wife Brenda and their children to move into the farmhouse. Dwight assumed farm manager position in 2007 and the transition to the next generation continues.
  • Today Management styles continued to evolve into the current grazing of taller grasses with a better balance of energy and protein, an ongoing challenge with 100% grass fed.