Are your cows 100% grass-fed?

Yes, our cows are 100% grass-fed. Sadly, less than 1% of dairy farms can claim to be 100% grass fed. We are proud to stand in the minority and be an example of treating our cows and land with respect and proper care. We hope one day, for both the cow and the land and the consumer, that many more farms will join us in becoming a 100% grass-fed dairy farm.  

Our cows graze on a diverse variety of legumes and grasses in our beautiful pastures during the growing season, and in the winter months they eat organic hay we grow ourselves or buy from other organic farms. Pastures and hay can fluctuate in energy content so currently we feed a small amount of organic cane molasses to help our cows maintain optimal health. Our cows are not fed soy, corn, grain, or alfalfa pellets. They have a longer, happier life than the cows in cramped conditions being stuffed with corn and soy.