Organic Yogurt

Is your yogurt pasteurized?

Yes, our milk is pasteurized as required by Grade A regulations.

While we ourselves enjoy raw dairy products and believe everyone should have the right to enjoy the benefits of raw dairy, this is not raw yogurt. It must be pasteurized to be store-friendly. The special difference is that we are starting with raw milk and turning it into yogurt. During that process, natural pasteurization occurs.

Why don't you make low or non-fat yogurt?

We believe in eating the whole food, as close to natural as possible.

The fat you find in our yogurt is higher in omego 3’s and lower in omega 6’s than you will find in food from grain fed animals. The fat from 100% grass fed cows is a very different fat than what you will find from corn and grain fed cows. It breaks down differently in your body. Eating the whole food avoids many of the problems caused by our modern industrial food system

Is the milk used to make our cream-top yogurt from 100% grass fed cows?

Yes, all the milk used to make our yogurt is from our PCO Certified-to-be-100%-grass-fed cows. We can say this with confidence and certainty -- because every drop of milk that goes into our yogurt comes from our own cows. We know exactly what is being fed to our cows and everything that goes into their systems and daily care. It gives us great joy to watch our herd graze in our lush, beautiful farmland and know that they are enjoying their lives and being fed the very best. You can taste the difference in our milk and yogurt.

Why did you start making yogurt?

Our love for making the best organic yogurt started with our love for homemade style yogurt. We had access to a batch pasteurizer owned by Pitango Gelato. Pitango leases a facility here on the farm where they make their gelato. We were permitted to make small batches using their equipment. At first we made it just for ourselves and friends--but we found that more and more people wanted earthy, minimally processed artisanal yogurt: simple and pure with no thickeners, preservatives, or coloring.