Are your cows A1 or A2?

The short answer is that yes - we are moving our cows to all A2A2 as fast as we can. 

For several years we have been testing our younger generations of cows and calves to determine if they are primarily A1 or A2. We are using only A2A2 bulls and are now testing every spring group of calves. We are approaching the 50% A2 mark and believe that in another 5-10 years will be 100% (or very nearly so) A2A2.

For a good source of information about the difference between A1&A2 milk visit this website.

Why do most dairy farmers choose to feed their cows a non-grass-based diet?

Corn and grain causes the cows to produce more milk, but at a cost both in supplying the grain and in the cow’s overall health! Grain also puts stress on the cow’s whole rumination system, which is designed to eat pretty much 100% forage diet.  We hope many more farmers will get off the crazy cycle and take the time and effort to begin the journey of becoming 100% grass-fed dairy farms.

Why is it better to have a cow 100% grass-fed instead of feeding her a mixed ration of grain-based feed?

Simply put, cows were meant to eat grass -- not grain or corn. Their stomachs are not built for the quick carbohydrates of grain or corn. They were designed to eat the fibrous grass and plants out in the pastures. When they enjoy the rich, fibered grass they are healthier and happier cows. And healthy, happy cows produce the best, healthiest milk around. Grass-fed milk is packed with healthy fats like Omega 3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Grassfed milk also is laden with more nutrients like beta carotene and vitamins A and E than milk produced using conventional feeds.

Are your cows 100% grass-fed?

Yes, our cows are 100% grass-fed. Sadly, less than 1% of dairy farms can claim to be 100% grass fed. We are proud to stand in the minority and be an example of treating our cows and land with respect and proper care. We hope one day, for both the cow and the land and the consumer, that many more farms will join us in becoming a 100% grass-fed dairy farm.  

What is SpringWood Farm's history?

SpringWood Organic Farm in Lancaster County has been the home to four generations of Stoltzfoos farmers. They have worked hard for many years to provide the community with fresh, nutrient-dense and minimally processed dairy products. The Stoltzfoos family loves their beautiful spot in eastern Lancaster County and is pleased to bring nourishment from the land and the animals to the people who enjoy the fruits of their labors.