Organic Farm • Organic Products

SpringWood Organic Farm spreads across 220 acres of Lancaster County's fine farmland in Kinzers, PA.

In 1982 Roman Stoltzfoos took over the family farm and began applying organic methods. The farm rejuvenated and began to thrive with his organic approach. The farm has grown and diversified with many added organic products.

Today their organic dairy operation is the main supplier for Lancaster County's Natural By Nature Milk. There is a processing plant on the farm where some of the milk and eggs are made into gelato and yogurt. GMO Free laying hens follow the grazing dairy herd in free-range style with moveable solar powered coops. These pastured layers supply the local community with a supply of healthy eggs, free from genetically modified ingredients. And chickens aren't the only poultry you'll find on the farm. Amidst much skepticism, organic turkeys were added the livestock in the late '80s when organic agriculture was seldom practiced

Roman Stoltzfoos, together with his wife Lucy and their children operate the farm. Organic, natural farming is a passion of Roman Stoltzfoos and he has kept at the cutting edge of natural, organic methods and under his care SpringWood Organic Farm has become a model of success, providing organic products to retailers and consumers. You will even see solar panels on the farm buildings and the free ranging chicken coops. Visitors are welcome with hopes their time on the farm will help spread his philosophy.

Read more from Roman as he shares his thoughts in his developing blog The Talk on the Farm.